ULC Monitoring

ULC Monitoring Solutions for Commercial Buildings

To ensure maximum safety of residents, commercial buildings have a centralized fire system. ULC listed companies are entrusted to monitor and service these systems. We are ULC listed and have the expertise and knowledge to carry out procedures that ensure the proper functioning of your fire system.

We need to abide by stringent regulations and safety standards to keep our ULC certification active. Procedures for the installation of equipment and communication are stated by ULC. Accordingly, our staff is trained to respond to emergencies and provide round the clock fire monitoring services. Call us now to know more about our fire monitoring solution.

Fire alarm testing & inspection

  • Inspection and testing of building fire alarm systems are outlined in ULC Standard CAN/ULC-S536-13, Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Includes control unit, annunciators, initiating devices, audible and visual signals.
  • Once initial records are in place, the company must follow ULC Standard CAN/ULC- S536-13 for subsequent inspection and testing of the system.
  • Company’s responsibility is to identify and document any deficiencies and/or changes made to the system through the inspection process.